5 Types of Split Ends

Between blow dryers, flat irons, relaxing, perming and hair coloring, getting split ends can be practically inevitable. But dry, damaged hair doesn’t have to be your reality. From a traditional Y split to a feather split, here are 5 different types of split ends for you to look out for! Want to identify them on your own? Read on to learn more.

Traditional/Y Split

Most common and well known type of split end. The cortical cells are still largely held together but large sections are beginning to separate. Thats when its time to CUT! You may not be trimming enough and your ends are enduring too much manipulation. Your ends are thirsty but not beyond repair. Seal those ends before it's too late.

The Taper/Candle

Typically occurs in hair that has been chemically treated hair. Theses split signifies a loss of the outer cuticle and while a split has not started, the strand is highly likely to split at any time.  You definitely need to trim your hair but in the meantime you can use a protein conditioner to help do some damage control and strengthen your strands. In the future minimize use of color and protect previously relaxed hair during relaxer application.

Single Strand Knot

Also known as fairy knots and are a curly girl’s worst enemy. Single strand knots are self explanatory. Most common in curls and coils have tangled and caused their own knot. Textured hair bends at many angles causing hair strands to loop around themselves forming knots. The knots will typically cause the hair to break at that spot from brushing. If you have curly hair, try low manipulation and protective styles that do not require you to handle your hair as much. Wearing your hair in stretched or protective styles and keeping your hair moisturized will help in minimizing single strand knots.

Incomplete Split

Harder to find because its not noticeable immediately. This type of split can occur along the middle and end of the hair strand. The shaft has weakened in a specific spot but has not completely split. To fix this issue requires some investigation. It could be from where the elastic is rubbing against your strands or from other hair accessories such as bobby pins, headbands or barrettes. A good protein and moisturizing conditioner will help to reinforce the hair strand decreasing the chances for weak spots to reoccur.

Feather/Tree Split 

Means excessive damage  and is most common in women with bleached or color treated hair. Can also be caused by sun damage and too much brushing. The hair shaft has weakened and caused multiple splits along the strand. You may need to extend the time between color treatments and avoid other stressors. 


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